Hello and welcome to the IoT World!

If you are an end user/enthusiast/student and/ or you want to start to play with individual HW, this guide is ideal for you. 

In order to successfully deploy and enjoy SimpleHw devices it is necessary to understand the basics.

You always need the following 6 things:

1. Sigfox know-how (you can contact your local Sigfox Operator for training)
2. Understanding your use case/business case - Why, What, When, Where, How, How much it will cost, How much profit it will generate
3. Hardware (actual working devices that cover your use case)
4. Sigfox coverage
5. Connectivity subscription to Sigfox
6. A way how to process and visualize the data - IoT platform

    Step by step guide:

    1. For a basic Sigfox introduction please read this 5-minute introduction
    2. See www.simplehw.eu/usecases for inspiration of what can be done with our hardware
    3. Please purchase the hardware at the Simple Hardware e-shop
    4. Purchase connectivity (you have several options - see below for more pricing and more detailed explanation of the options)

      How to get the connectivity? 

          • Directly at www.iofrog.com together with platform for data visualization
          • Buy.sigfox.com (available only in certain countries)
          • With SimplePack 2.0 Devkit and SimplePack 3.0 Plus Devkit editions you get one year connectivity
          • Provided by your local Sigfox operator (Here is a list of local operators)
          • Use www.iofrog.com as a platform as the easiest way to move forward. You can use all 4 types of connectivity with the platform. If you want to interpret raw data yourself and do the programming please see API6 documentation at ask.simplehw.eu.
          • Check coverage at 


          Please, for any technical support, documentation and/or questions, ideas, praise go to our customer support platform at ask.simplehw.eu

          The IDs of your device can be found on the device. The PAC code is in the QR code or printed on the device.


          Use cases

          We are also continually adding new use cases, together with TCO and ROI calculations, sales materials, datasheets, detailed instructions and testimonials to www.simplehw.eu/usecases

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