Hello and welcome to the IoT World!

If you are an IT integrator and you want to expand your business, this guide is ideal for you.

In order to successfully deploy and enjoy SimpleHw devices it is necessary to understand the basics.

You always need the following 6 things:

1. Sigfox know-how (you can contact your local Sigfox Operator for training)
2. Understanding your use case/business case - Why, What, When, Where, How, How much it will cost, How much profit it will generate
3. Hardware (actual working devices that cover your use case)
4. Sigfox coverage
5. Connectivity subscription to Sigfox
6. A way how to process and visualize the data - IoT platform

Step by step guide:

You should receive full Sigfox training/ on-boarding plus access to Sigfox Academy from your local Sigfox operator.

1. For online see: 



It’s helpful to watch our webinars on sensors and sales pitfalls.

2. Define use case/business case before starting to test any device. Please provide this information if you need any assistance in setting up the devices

    • What is the use case/business case? 
    • Why do you want to use IoT and Sigfox? Where is the value?
    • When do you want to measure, when do you want to transmit? Is it event/action based or time based?
    • Where will the device be located? Where do you want to measure?
    • How, by which sensors, at what precision do you need to measure and evaluate? How will you evaluate the project?
    • Is the Total cost of ownership (TCO) drafted?
    • Is the Return on investment (ROI) calculated?
    • For a more detailed discussion see the Discovery document


      3. Please purchase the hardware at the Simple Hardware e-shop.

      4. Please purchase the connectivity from your local Sigfox operator. Be aware that in order to have working Sigfox WiFI Atlas you need special connectivity from them.

      You have several options for how to get the data:

      • Process the data directly from Sigfox backend (see ask.simplehw.eu for documentation) 
      • Use www.iofrog.com as an IoT platform for PoC and field deployment. 
      • Use www.iofrog.com as a middleware to process the data and push them to your systems.
      • Use any other IoT platform. See their list here.

      Check coverage here:



      In case you are not happy with the current coverage please talk to the local Sigfox operator either to improve it or to densify the coverage through Micro base station. https://build.sigfox.com/access-station-micro

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